Hamradio amateur
                     Grid JO23SB QTH Bolsward

Welcome at my hamradio website.

PA1CD is a dutch hamradio amateur since 2004. My name is Charlie, born 1972.

My QTH is Bolsward, a small town in the northern part of the Netherlands (JO23SB).

Mostly you can find/hear me on the 20 meter band (14Mc) doing digital stuff like PSK, FT8,

But sometimes I will do a QSO in USB at one of the Hamradio bands.

I also have another hobby like keeping up a weather station, you can see it on the website
Hope to hear you soon in the air. If we have a QSO, voice, digital or CW I‘ll always send you a QSL card via the bureau. 

I appreciate it if you would send me a QSL card also.

73 Charlie PA1CD

Logboek HRDlog

QTH  Bolsward, Friesland, The Netherlands, Grid JO23SB