You can find PA1CD on APRS with several calls. (check www.aprs.fi)

PA1CD-10: Igate QTH Bolsward RX 144.800mhz and 430.5125mhz
PA1CD-7: walking with Kenwood TH-D74E / Yaesu FT2D
PA1CD-9: mobile in the red arrow
PA1CD-13: WX station with the actual weather data from Weatherstation Bolsward (www.weerstationbolsward. nl)

Explaining number behind call  used for APRS

-0 Home Station, Home Station running IGate

-1 Not yet assigned

-2 Digipeater VHF (2m)

-3 Digipeater UHF (70cm)

-4 HF to VHF Gateway/Crossband APRS 2m-70cm

-5 Weather Station

-6 SatGates & Special function Station

-7 Portable or bicycle mobile

-8 Maritime Mobile station

-9 Mobile station

-10 APRS Station with internet connection

-11 Aeuronautical Mobile Station

-12 Portable Units such as Laptops etc


-14 Trucks

-15 Mobile HF station

The IGate/digi I use for APRS at home is the Standalone APRS Igate from the company Jaeger-edv. (German company) 

Where is PA1CD-9 @ the moment?

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